Krissy Mashinsky
August 18, 2021

I’m excited about President Joe Biden’s Made in the USA Executive Order announced earlier this year. 

If there was ever a moment when  small and medium-size businesses needed some extra help, it’s now.

The Biden administration has promised to give extra attention to  smaller businesses as well as to American manufacturing.

This is a perfect time for us to band together as entrepreneurs and see how we can help one another take advantage of  opportunities in these uncertain times.

Any business related to rebuilding supply chains is going to add great value. A year ago, I had a visceral reaction to what was happening and my gut said it’s time to dive into the supply chain.

Seeking out businesses that are verifiably manufacturing in America is another way to show support.

You can also check out resources like The Small Business Administration and the National Association of Manufacturers which provide information on new and unheralded programs in line with the Administration’s new emphasis  on made in the USA and small and mid-size businesses.

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